Location of St. Damien Catholic Church

St. Damiens' Location: 8455 Northwest 234th St. aka Sorghum Mill Rd in N.W. Edmond, Oklahoma.

Here is a GPS map link to St. Damiens.

If you have time to reference your route and compare with recommendations of fellow parishoners who travel from different parts of the state to attend Mass and other functions, read the directions below.

NOTE: The red marker "SDCC" indicates the Church location west of the intersection of N. Council and 234th St. aka Sorghum Mill Rd.


(SDCC is west of the intersection at North Council Road and adjacent on the east to St. Patrick's Cemetery also called Lockridge Cemetery in northwest Edmond, OK).

What streets surround N. Council at N.W. 234th St./Sorghum Mill Road?

  1. one mi. to the North of Council Rd is Waterloo Rd.
  2. one mi. to the East is Rockwell Ave.
  3. one mi. to the South is Coffee Creek Rd.
  4. County Line Rd is one mile west of N. Council Rd.(West of County Line N.W. 234th St is named Bassett NE.

How do you get to 8455 N.W. 234th St. and N. Council Rd?

1. Hwy 74 or Portland Ave. is the major access route from Oklahoma City to the North and from Guthrie traveling to the South. From Guthrie travel south from Hwy 33 to Hwy 74 is an est. 11.1; From Oklahoma City going North, Hwy 74 is also called Lake Hefner Parkway or I-44 approximately 7 miles.

8455 N.W. 234th St. is accessible from Hwy 74 aka North Portland Ave. Turn west from Hwy 74, travel west 4.9 miles passed N. Council Rd and the church is ΒΌ mile on the right; or

2. An alternative route from Oklahoma City, is to take North Council Road from Northwest Expressway also called Hwy 3 in Oklahoma City, which is south of the John Kirkpatrick Turnpike. (N. Council Rd is a country road).[The area map shows Hwy 74 west of the City of Edmond proper. Note: SDCC identifies the location of St. Damiens.]


From Edmond: One accesses Hwy 74 from Edmond by N. 178th St. also called West Edmond Road. One can travel from N. 178th St. 4 miles north to N.W. 234th St. Edmond Road within the city of Edmond is 2nd Street.


Travelers from Around the State:

1. From the North, from Hwy 77 or I-35, take the Waterloo Road Exit, travel west an estimated 13 mi, pass Hwy 74 and at North Council, turn south for 1 mile to N.W. 234th and turn west to the church.(If you miss that exit at the 2nd exit, drive through Edmond and turn North on Hwy 74 to N.W. 234th St. )

2. From the South, drive I-35 to I-240 West which turns North. The the highway becomes I-44 which becomes Hwy 74 or Portland leaving Oklahoma City to the North.

3. From the East, traveling on I-40 drive to I-44 North which becomes Hwy 74; drive till you get to N.W. 234th Street.

4. From the Northeast, i.e. Tulsa, drive I-44 west on HWY 74 and go North to 234th.

5. Driving from the Northwest on Hwy 81 or Hwy 3, drive south to Okarche and turn east on 248th Street NE aka Waterloo Road. Turn  south at North County Line Road until NW 234th St or Sorghum Mill Road. Turn East for less than a mile to St. Damiens.

6. From I-40 West, traveling west into Oklahoma City, junction with I-44 North which becomes Hwy 74th until you reach N.W. 234th Street.

Once you reach N.W. 234 St. turn west for approximately 4 miles pass through N. Council Road till you l see St. Damien Catholic Church on the North Side of the Street. When all else fails, call the rectory at 405.330.9968.